With the additional snowfall last night and ongoing subfreezing temperatures trash service will not be operating again tomorrow, February 18th, due to expected dangerous road conditions. We understand the inconvenience that the weather driven service disruption has had on the families and businesses that we serve and the trash operator is anxious to work diligently to get things back to normal.

With the forecasted weather beginning to return to normal the trash operator is preparing the schedule below to begin recovery in a safe manner:

Thursday Feb 18:

  • The Trash Operator will be focusing on thawing out our fleet with our Maintenance Techs that can safely come into our yard.

Friday Feb 19:

  • Depending on conditions the operator anticipates being able to collect roll-off and commercial customers that are critical in nature such as hospitals, multi-family, etc.

Saturday Feb 20:

  • If conditions allow the operator will continue to recover roll-off and commercial customers in an effort to get these facilities caught up; They will operate until noon when the t-station closes.

Sunday Feb 21:

  • No operations

Monday Feb 22:

  • Service will return to normal operations for Commercial, Roll-off, and Residential except for residential bulk service.
  • Residential routes will operate on the scheduled day with emphasis on solid waste pickups along with the additional volume that is expected.
    • Monday garbage routes will be completed on Monday, Tuesday garbage routes will be completed on Tuesday and so forth through next week.
  • Recycling routes will be collected on the scheduled day but the operator may not get them completed on the scheduled day due to anticipated heavy garbage volume. If this occurs they will roll the current day remaining households to the next day.
    • Monday recycle routes will be ran on Monday. However, with the heavy expected garbage volume they anticipate not being able to complete these routes.
    • If this occurs they will roll the residual customers into Tuesday and once we have Monday customers completed they will begin to pickup Tuesday customers.
    • They will repeat this type of collection for the recycling routes until they have them all completed no later than Saturday Feb 27.

The intent with this schedule is to provide a scheduled and predictable recovery of the backlogged service that they experienced this week with the historic weather. The trash operator believes using the above process that they will have service back to normal and resume all scheduled service to include bulk service on Monday March 1st.

Thank You for your patience and support during this historic weather event. We look forward to returning to normal schedules as quickly and safely as possible.