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Board Members

The District is divided into 5 Precincts and is governed by five board members (one from each Precinct), serving staggered four-year terms and meets monthly to manage and conduct the business of the District, which meetings are always opened to the public. The District engages consultants such as attorneys, engineers, bookkeepers, and financial advisors, to advise and assist with the District’s operations and services.

Name Email Term Office Precinct
Russ Thomsen rthomsen@mckinneymud2.com 2020-2024 President 4
Melissa Woodall mwoodall@mckinneymud2.com 2022-2026 Vice President 3
Robert (Bob) Philo rphilo@mckinneymud2.com 2020-2024 Secretary 1
John Flaherty jflaherty@mckinneymud2.com 2022-2026 Asst. Secretary 2
Frank Vaccaro fvaccaro@mckinneymud2.com 2022-2026 Asst. Secretary 5