After surveying the area and considering the ongoing historically low forecasted temperatures, it appears that the roads will remain hazardous for the trash service trucks to operate on Tuesday, 2/16/2021. In an effort to keep the employees and communities safe, trash service will not operate on Tuesday. With the forecast for additional snow and ongoing sub-freezing temperatures, it is also highly unlikely that trash services will be operational on Wednesday, 2/17/2021.

We expect, that given a potential 3 day service closure, service delays could easily run into next week, until the backlog is caught up. The trash operator will work diligently to get schedules caught up once it is safe to do so. Please keep trash carts at the curb so that they can be serviced, as resources become available. Additional bags of trash, created by the delay, sitting next to carts will also be picked up.

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience as we work through this historic weather event.